VMK PVT LTD MK POLYCHEM combined as a Classified Limited Association on 19 th October 2020, and high level by qualified and experienced business visionaries has a spot with an outstanding master and rapidly creating present day Social occasion .

Thing Reach : VMK POLYCHEM conveys broad assortment of Upheld and filled Re-tried Planning Polymers Compound .we produce high mechanical things for regions, for instance, Vehicle ,Electrical and Devices ,Buyer Product and Contraptions ,Lighting and Telecom Adventures and General Planning.

Creating Workplaces: The Association is having manufacturing base at BHIWADI Extn Kahrani (RAJASTHAN) is equipped with the most present day and complex mechanical assembly with made Imported twin Screw Extruder and Feeder Structure and the latest Lab stuff's for most noteworthy rules. The state of the art advancement gives best mechanical, electrical, warm, physical, dispersing, assortment ,lubricity, instability and various properties



  • Quality Association Framework is affirmed to be as indicated by ISO-9001:2000.
    Polymers, base pitch, glass fiber and minerals are imported from generally around assumed Relationship to guarantee uniform quality. . Determinedly pursuing responsibility the best things concerning quality consistency.
    Fit and serious social occasion of Advancing and Focused Assist Administrators with offering specific help
    Centered client approach, specific miracle and open association speculation.
    VKM POLYCHEM is embarked on a mission to give complete customer dependability by guaranteeing steady quality, practical things, ceaseless improvement and profitable vehicle.


Every thing is seen by something particular code. Thing codes for Unequivocal Arranging Polymer Blends are the going with:

This makes VKM POLYCHEM a solid embellishment for Polymer Processors and End-Clients of Arranging Polymers Mixes

ABS Pre Colored Compounds PC Pre -Colored Compounds
ABS Glass Filled Compound Up To 30 % PC Glass Filled Compounds
ABS Flame Retardant compounds ( V0 ,V1,V2) PC FR Compounds
ABS High Impact ,High Gross And Flow Compounds
ABS UV Stabilized Compounds
PC-ABS PRE Colored Compounds HIPS PRE Colored Compounds
PC-ABS BK Compounds HIPS BK Compounds
ABS PC Pre Colored
ABS PC BK Compounds
PC-PBT BK Compounds.

VPPCARB ( POLY Carbonate Compounds )

Include Poly Carbonate , a dubious arranging polymers , which is compounded with modifiers ,added substances and channels to accomplish unequivocal equilibrium blend of properties ,dealing with and application .


Auto - Instruments dusters ,head light housing ,instruments sheets ,name plate and Covers Gatekeepers ,Horn Pad, etc

Cultivating - Water framework structures ,drinking water, etc

Electrical and Electronic - Telephone dwelling , switches, speaker box cover ,sound framework cabinets AC grills ,Electric Iron ,Scanners , electric fan stand dwelling for laptops ,Printer fax machines ,PC console frames ,printer dwelling ,TV pantries, Coolers doorway handles, etc

House Applications - Blender dwelling ,Little ovens entrances ,scrubbers ,Power mechanical assemblies ,tank liners and sewing machines, etc


Flexible charger ,PC charger meter box ,PC cabinets ,Printer Scanners ,CCTV Cameras ,Plan boxes ,Music box agency , Speaker outer parts ,Drove Department , Lights Inward Parts, etc